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Area of expertise:

W Ahmed

Company: L&Q
Position: Group Finance Director
Status: Available
Expertise: Cost planning, Estate Management, Land Buying, Sustainability, Finance

Y Mckenzie-Ray

Company: GLA
Position: Area Manager
Status: Available
Expertise: Other
 Z Khan-Wheatlety

Z Khan-Wheatlety

Company: L&q
Position: Director Of Development Finance
Status: Available
Expertise: Financial analysis, Finance
 N Ghitt

N Ghitt

Company: Greater London Authority
Position: Senior Programme Officer
Status: Matched
Expertise: Legal

T Harker

Company: Cast Consultants
Position: Associate Director
Status: Unavailable
Expertise: Marketing, Other, Sales, Customer care, Office management

V Savage

Company: L&q
Position: London Managing Director
Status: Match Pending
Expertise: Site Management & Delivery