A Sedgewick

Expertise: Financial analysis, Land Buying, Finance
Experience: 5-9 years

Hyde, Lead Land & Planning Manager

I'm a Chartered Accountant who changed career over 5 years ago to join the Development industry. I now work as a Land & Planning Manager for a housing association, looking at sites from initial analysis through to planning permission and on to the build, working in great teams with clever people to get things done for those who need homes most. I'm a mum to a little boy who tires me out far more than work ever could!

Having Changed Career 7 Years After Leaving University I Found That People Who Were Willing To Invest Their Time In Helping Me Were So Important. I'D Be Very Happy To Offer My Help And Perspective As Both Someone Who Came To The Industry Later Than Some And As Someone Recently Returned From Maternity Leave And Still Figuring Out The Balancing Act!