Top Tips

We have two ears and one mouth, use them in this proportion.

The four steps to meaningful mentoring:

  1. Prepare – self assessment. What are your skills and what do you want to achieve?
  2. Nurture – the relationship through setting a clear goal and framework.
  3. Explore – the goal and what the next steps might look like. Focus on solutions. 
  4. Close – evaluate the goal and successes and reflect on next steps.

What Mentors and Mentees can do to make the relationship a success:

  1. Find out about each other
  2. Build the relationship
  3. Set ground rules - clarify expectations, objectives, goals, learning styles, meeting arrangements, recording meetings, how deal with conflict, how conclude the relationship
  4. Facilitate learning/sharing of knowledge, skills and experience
  5. Discussion, learning, exploration – keeping mutual trust and respect
  6. Mentors encourage mentee to plan own development, identify L&D interventions, Identify resources, evaluate progress
  7. Closure of the relationship – agree when it’s time to end
  8. Evaluate achievements and objectives