Be a great mentor

A Mentor draws on their experience and expertise to guide and support their mentee to achieve their goals.

Once paired with a Mentee, a Mentor should:

  • Set expectations and boundaries - discuss how often you can both meet up/Zoom call and how you will keep in touch in between these touchpoints

  • Actively listen and powerfully question

  • Be openminded – not create a ‘mini-me’

  • Enable and empower

  • Be sensitive to cultural differences and how these might impact the way their Mentee approaches things

  • Reflect on their own experiences

While being a Mentor requires a moderate commitment, it is life-changing for your Mentee and also extremely valuable for your own career too, as it:

  • Enhances your CV

  • Develops your own support, leadership, communication skill (learning by teaching)

  • Provides an opportunity for you to reflect on your own skills and knowledge and identify areas for development (and perhaps become a Mentee in the future)

  • Improves/enhances your own self-confidence

  • Increases your job satisfaction  

For further information on the role of a Mentor, see terms set out in Terms and Conditions Annex 1.