About Mentoring by Makers & Mentors

People often feel that the biggest barrier to developing meaningful mentoring relationships is the initial “ask” i.e. asking someone to be a mentor (What if they said no?, Who would I ask?).

In response we have developed a web-based mentoring platform to signpost availability of mentors to anyone aged over 18 and working in the development industry. Mentoring can be valuable for those starting out in their careers or those a way in who want to progress to more senior positions. We intend that this is a cross business and cross discipline platform, not exclusively for development by Mount Anvil – we don’t have all the answers!

This website will include profiles on all of the mentors who have signed up and are available, as well as guidelines as to how to develop a mentoring relationship and what “good” looks like.

If you would like to sign up as a mentor or mentee please click here